How to Prepare and Send Us a Crash Report

In case you are experiencing FastRawViewer crashes, please send us the diagnostics*:


Note for Windows 10/11 users:

Latest versions of Windows 10/11 do not display Program has stopped working message mentioned below, but close problem application immediately, so it is not possible to create crash dump with default settings.

Here is the registry script that enables message mentioned above: CrashDumpsEnable.reg

Download it to your computer and double click in Windows Explorer. Two notifiers will appear: Registry Editor start-up and Registry write confirmation; confirm both.

After that you may follow crash dump creation procedure described below.

To restore standard Windows10 behavior (do not display 'Program stopped' prompt) use this script: CrashDumpsDefault.reg with same procedure (download, double-click, confirm twice).

Upon receiving 'FastRawViewer has stopped working' message, do not close it, and do not press the 'Cancel' button

Windows Crash of FastRawViewer
  • switch to Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc)
  • for Windows versions 8 to 10, if the TaskManager window in in compact state, press 'More details' at the bottom
  • locate 'Fast RAW Viewer' in the process list
  • right-click on 'Fast RAW Viewer' and select 'Create Dump File' in the drop-down menu
Windows, Task Manager. Create Dump File. FastRawViewer
  • FastRawViewer.DMP file will be created in the TEMP folder:
Windows DumpingProcess. FastRawViewer.

OS X/macOS

  • when 'FastRawViewer quit unexpectedly' message appears, press 'Report' button
MacOS. Crash FastRawViewer
  • copy the content of the window titled 'Problem Details and System Configuration' (Cmd-A, Cmd-C)
MacOS. SavingCrashReport
  • paste the information (Cmd-V) into an e-mail addressed to
  • When e-mailing us, please put some relevant information into the message,