How to Prepare and Send Us a Crash Report

In case you are experiencing FastRawViewer crashes, please send us the diagnostics*:


Upon receiving 'FastRawViewer has stopped working' message, do not close it, and do not press the 'Cancel' button

Windows Crash of FastRawViewer
  • switch to Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc)
  • for Windows versions 8 to 10, if the TaskManager window in in compact state, press 'More details' at the bottom
  • locate 'Fast RAW Viewer' in the process list
  • right-click on 'Fast RAW Viewer' and select 'Create Dump File' in the drop-down menu
Windows, Task Manager. Create Dump File. FastRawViewer
  • FastRawViewer.DMP file will be created in the TEMP folder:
Windows DumpingProcess. FastRawViewer.

OS X/macOS

  • when 'FastRawViewer quit unexpectedly' message appears, press 'Report' button
MacOS. Crash FastRawViewer
  • copy the content of the window titled 'Problem Details and System Configuration' (Cmd-A, Cmd-C)
MacOS. SavingCrashReport
  • paste the information (Cmd-V) into an e-mail addressed to
  • When e-mailing us, please put some relevant information into the message,