Time to Move Forward

It's time to forget agonizing, sheer mind-boggling, soul-crushing monotony of countless hours spent culling hundreds upon thousands of RAW shots.

It's time to forget the horror you surely feel when you are getting ready to start sorting and categorizing a 20-gig folder of mish-mash photographs: some taken yesterday, others maybe from 2001.

It's time to forget the fear that you might miss the best shot of some event because you don't have hours to even glance at every one of them, or that you won't be the first to submit the photo of some event because you spent too much time trying to find the best one out of hundreds.

It's time to forget the very idea of evaluating and culling RAW through visual analysis of JPEG and JPEG-based tools (such as JPEG histogram, JPEG OE and UE indication etc.), because it is the same as trying to make a definite conclusion about the exact shape of an object based on its shadow on the wall.

It's time to forget the frustration you feel when, after a whole day of event-shooting you have to spend a whole night rendering hundreds of JPEGs so that you can go through them with your client tomorrow morning.

It's time to forget about constantly upgrading hard drives, buying DVDs, and flash drives to store an ever-growing mountain of RAW images.

We Have a Solution

Fast Raw Viewer is the unique solution for those who:

  • Shoot in RAW and are tired of wasting hours or days on looking and sorting through piles of shots.
  • Tired of rendering piles of JPEGs so that you can quickly browse through them with a client, CMO, senior designer, editor in chief, or even your friends and family.
  • Are in constant need of very quick viewing, visually and technically analyzing, sorting through hundreds or thousands of RAW shots, and choosing them for further processing.
  • Want to shoot in RAW, but don't, fearing that they're going to get mired in sorting RAW files.
  • Are forced to use JPEG format, because your previous experiences tell you that it is impossible to quickly select and show your client the images taken in RAW.
  • Are in need of tools to instantly adjust white balance and exposure (brightness) right while browsing through the shot.
  • Need to instantly evaluate exposure based on true RAW histogram.

Suggested Workflow

Shooting RAW -> Culling RAW -> Raw Processing

RAW-based Workflow: Raw Images - FastRawViewer - Adobe Lr/ACR

download the workflow scheme in pdf format