Monochrome2DNG version history



  • LibRaw library updated to handle more raw formats


  • LibRaw library updated to handle more raw formats
  • Fallback to Method-A mosaic suppression if Method-B is likely to fail setting.


  • LibRaw library updated to handle more raw formats
  • Better support for macOS/dark theme


  • Support for Rapsperry Pi HQ Camera.


  • CR3 files: more EXIF tags added to output DNG.


  • (experimental) CR3 files: EXIF extracted and recorded into output DNG


  • LibRaw library updated to support more cameras/formats.
  • Qt updated for 5.12.10 (non-legacy builds only)
  • Bug fixed: filename generation from EXIF date may generate empty or wrong filename item.


  • Support for non-JPEG embedded previews
  • Diagnostic messages improved
  • LibRaw library updated to support more cameras/formats.
  • Qt updated for 5.12.9 (non-legacy builds only)


  • Fixed black level calculation for raw files where black level is reported as row/column pattern.
  • Qt updated for 5.12.7 (non-legacy builds only)


  • LibRaw updated to actual version to support more cameras.
  • Mac: if started w/ multiple files dropped to program icon, all dropped files are recorded as 'to process' list.
  • Eliminated the logical inconsistency where significant overexposed areas in a shot made correct calculation of the channel balance impossible, while [] Skip processing if monochrome data ... is NOT checked, and [] Suppress mosaic pattern - is CHECKED. Used to be: such shots were not processed, with the message "unable to detect monochrome" Now: such shots are processed, but without suppressing mosaic.
  • Better handling of non-RGB embedded previews (such previews are copied as-is into output file).
  • Switch to Qt 5.12 (except Mac/Legacy version)

v1.1.3: Ability to change camera model tag;

v1.1.2: Preferences - Output DNG - Set file date to the same as the source file setting.


  • EXIF Make/Model: get from source EXIF when possible;
  • Fixed possible crash in multiple worker mode;
  • Preference setting added to create RO/locked files.

v1.1.0:Camera Make tag override; Preferences split into tabbed dialog

v1.0.2: Single worker/multiple compression threads mode implemented

v1.0.1: Preferences - Restore Defaults button added.

v1.0.0: 'Release mode' release: trial period and licensing are implemented.

v0.9.2: Preferences-Crop Mode: 'hard crop mode' implemented.v0.9.1: Panasonic RW2 bad pixels filtering; camera model change settings.

v0.9.0: Implemented mosaic suppression for non-uniform grid patterns (use Preferences - Mosaic Suppression - Method B to enable new method)

v0.8.6: Panasonic RW2 files: add LensName and LensSerialNumber to EXIF data

v0.8.5: Just version update to extend beta expiration time to Sept 1, 2018

v0.8.4: Better handling of file names in non-default system locale/language.

v0.8.3: Fixed font size auto-selection on 1st run.

v0.8.2: DefaultCrop* tags are written in DNG even if crop margins are not set.

v0.8.1: Preferences - Override black level added.

v0.8.0: Initial release.