Monochrome2DNG version history

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v1.0.1: Preferences - Restore Defaults button added.

v1.0.0: 'Release mode' release: trial period and licensing are implemented.

v0.9.2: Preferences-Crop Mode: 'hard crop mode' implemented.v0.9.1: Panasonic RW2 bad pixels filtering; camera model change settings.

v0.9.0: Implemented mosaic suppression for non-uniform grid patterns (use Preferences - Mosaic Suppression - Method B to enable new method)

v0.8.6: Panasonic RW2 files: add LensName and LensSerialNumber to EXIF data

v0.8.5: Just version update to extend beta expiration time to Sept 1, 2018

v0.8.4: Better handling of file names in non-default system locale/language.

v0.8.3: Fixed font size auto-selection on 1st run.

v0.8.2: DefaultCrop* tags are written in DNG even if crop margins are not set.

v0.8.1: Preferences - Override black level added.

v0.8.0: Initial release.