LibRaw LLC and Our Projects

LibRaw LLC was established in 2008 by professional photographers and software developers, who, from their own vast amounts of experience in both fields, deeply understand the true needs and problems of modern digital photographers and videographers that have to be addressed, and are more than capable of creating the most effective and user-friendly software to serve these purpose.

All our products are actively maintained to incorporate new cameras as soon as they become available for testers, and to ensure the best possible accuracy of RAW and EXIF data decoding and interpretation.

Currently we maintain three projects:

RawDigger - a Program to View and Analyze Raw Image Data

RawDigger allows to view, study, and analyze raw data as recorded by digital photo- and certain video cameras.

Currently the main tools RawDigger offers are histograms, statistical analysis of raw data (mean, StdDev, min and max values), raw compression tone curve dump (if present). Results can be saved as appropriate in the form of bitmaps and/or CSV and CGATS tables. RawDigger tools work over the whole raw data in the file as well as over arbitrary rectangular regions and "point" samples.

RawDigger is available in several editions: (compare editions)

RawDigger ExposureEdition

Exposure Edition is intended for everyday use, to help those who are serious about extracting the maximum quality from the camera through getting precise exposures.

It is is often used to determine the calibration of in-camera exposure meter and quantify different vignetting sources, as well as to improve the light setup in studio when it comes to uniformity and dynamic range.

Exposure Edition: displays RAW data in all modes (RGB, RAW Composite, and RAW per channel), indicates over- and underexposed areas, displays RAW histogram, image statistics, as well as statistics and histogram for selected area.

RawDigger ResearchEdition

Research Edition is meant for camera/sensor evaluation and statistical analysis of raw data. It is suitable for a wide range of tasks, starting from personal use and preparing reviews and all the way to programming RAW data processing.

Among other things, it is suitable for the study of flare and glare and resulting characteristic curves. It is very helpful when checking lens transmission symmetry, and setting even lighting.

Research Edition adds: TIFF export; multiple selected areas via samples; tables of sampled data; statistics and histograms over multiple samples; exporting sampled data as CSV and CGATS.

RawDigger ProfileEdition

Profile Edition is for those who need to create sensor calibration data, linearization data, or device data for color profiling.

Profile Edition adds selection grids for faster processing of step wedges and color targets, as well as for calculating non-uniformity maps.

Profile Edition allows applying white balance, normalization, equalization (Flat Field), and filtering of outlying values before data export.

FastRawViewer - The Unique Essential Workflow Tool for Every RAW Shooter

FastRawViewer ProgramWindow

FastRawViewer is the first and the only dedicated application with the purpose of extremely fast culling and pre-processing of RAW images: i.e. display, visual and technical analysis, applying basic corrections, sorting and setting aside or directly transferring the selected shots for further processing.

LibRaw API Library - RAW Image Decoder

The free open-source multi-platform LibRaw API Library for reading RAW files obtained from digital photo cameras is based on dcraw and using RawSpeed.

LibRaw Library is meant to address the needs of raw convertor developers, GUI developers, and those interested in implementing and testing their own routines for certain steps of raw conversion workflow, i.e. demosaicking, color transforms, noise reduction, correction for distortions and aberrations introduced by optics, etc.

The LibRaw Library is also useful for raw data analysis and for the purpose of testing sensors and lenses.

It is a very popular library, used in many commercial and open-source products.