FastRawViewer 1.4.10 Release

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Camera support:

  • Fujifilm XF10, X-T3, GFX 50R, DBP680
  • Gitup G3 duo
  • Nikon Z7, Z6, P1000, D3500
  • Old Leaf cameras with RGB TIFF output (Cantare, DCB2, Volare)
  • Panasonic LX100-II
  • Sony HX99

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New features:

  • New action: Menu - Adjust - Reset image rendering to defaults (Ctrl-Shift-R/Command-Shift-R)
  • This allows the user to reset all changes to the image rendering parameters back to their pre-set defaults.
  • The defaults are set in Preferences - Image Display, in the Reset rendering to default parameters block.
  • If the corresponding checkbox (White Balance/Exposure correction/Contrast) is checked, then after "Reset image rendering to defaults" this parameter will be set according to the value set via its combo-box.
FastRawViewer 1.4.10 Reset Rendering Parameters
  • The value of the parameter in the XMP file will also be set to the same default (if XMP support is on)
  • New setting Menu - File - Customize - Clean "recently used" lists:
  • Allows one to delete the content of lists (accumulated in Menu - File ... and in context menus):
  • List of recently opened files
  • List of recently visited folders
  • List of folders used for copy operations
  • List of folders used for move operations
  • New setting Preferences - File Copy/Move/Reject: Additional file extensions to copy/move with file
  • Allows one to list the additional file extensions of the files to be copied/moved along with the main (raw) file of the given extension.
  • Syntax: RAWext+AUXext, several such pairs can be listed, separated by spaces.
  • If AUXExt starts with a dot, then the extension will be added to the end of the FILENAME.RAWext (FILENAME.RAWext.AUXExt)
  • If AUXExt starts with a letter, then RAWext will be replaced by AUXext, forming FILENAME.AUXExt
  • An asterisk (*) can be indicated in place of RAWext, in this case, this will be applied to all files.
  • Default: ORF+ORI *+.dop means: copy FILENAME.ORI along with FILENAME.ORF, and copy FILENAME.EXT.dop along with FILENAME.EXT (.dop is a DXO Photolab sidecar file containing metadata).
  • Attention: the rules that govern copying JPG, XMP, .rpps are defined separately via the Handle RAW+JPEG together, Use XMP for RAW files, Write RPPS files settings, accordingly.
  • New setting Preferences - Zoom - Zoom In/Zoom Out range: defines minimal/maximal zoom level for Zoom In/Zoom Out actions, performed in any way - using keyboard, mouse, menu, or bottom bar buttons.
  • The search for external editors (known to FastRawViewer) has been revised:
  • on first launch, FastRawViewer presents the user with an interactive list of external applications known to FastRawViewer that were found on the computer; the user can exclude those they don't need to be invoked by FastRawViewer from the list
FastRawViewer 1.4.10. First launch
  • If an external application is uninstalled or otherwise deleted from the computer, then for those known applications FastRawViewer will attempt to find a newer installed version (using the internal list of known app paths) and will suggest replacing the invocation of the older version with the newer version
FastRawViewer 1.4.10. External Application added/removed
  • "Rescan for known apps" button has been added to the Preferences -> External Editors pane to facilitate adding invocations of known applications to the list. It is also useful if you've installed a newer version of a known application and wish to replace the invocation of an older application with the invocation of a newer one.
FastRawViewer 1.4.10 Rescan for External applications list
  • Support for Adobe Process v.5 (2019) / Process v.4 (2016)
  • Since there is no change in the format or interpretation of Adobe Process parameters used in FastRawViewer ("Exposure", "Contrast", "White balance") since Process v.3 (2012), this support is rather formal - only the value for the Process tag in XMP files is written according to the user choice of the Process. The default value remains Process v.3 (2012), as it is widely compatible with previous versions and not in any way limiting.
  • The list of values for "Adobe Process version" in FastRawViewer Preferences - Exposure/Contrast/WB is now extended and reads "Version 1 (2003) ... Version 5 (2019)" (instead of the previous "2003, 2010, 2012"), to mirror the change in Process nomenclature made by Adobe.
  • Windows: support for long file names (>260 chars).
  • New hidden setting UseMMappedIO: turns on memory mapped file access instead of file-read based one. May be slightly faster in some cases (e.g. ultra-fast local PCIe disk drive).
  • Better handling of pre-white-balanced RAW files (Nikon Small RAW, Nikon and Canon multishot).

Bugs fixed:

  • When copying multiple files set (e.g. RAW+JPG+XMP) with verify after copy turned on, only checksum for RAW file was checked.
  • Some combinations of Background Gray Level and Selected files background settings resulted in the following problems:
  • the background of the current file didn't differ from the background of the selected file
  • EXIF data overlay above the thumbnail may become invisible


I just discovered that I have to choose pre-set contrast or user-variable. Thanks. You can ignore previous comment.

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