FastRawViewer 1.4.6 Beta

FastRawViewer 1.4.6 Beta

With the A7R III (ILCE-7RM3) camera, SONY introduced a new format: ARQ.

ARQ files result from combining four pixel-shifted frames (taken with sensor shift) in SONY's Imaging Edge application. Pixel-shifted images provoke a lot of interest, as they allow one to significantly decrease moiré and add about 1 stop of dynamic range to shots of static objects.

Because of this, we decided to support this type of images ASAP when making FastRawViewer 1.4.6 Beta available.

Please consider that ARQ files are more than 300MB in size (325MB in average), so even if they reside on a fast SATA SSD, the read operation takes about a second, and of course more if the files are on a traditional HDD or accessed through a 1Gb network. Accessing such files through WiFi may cause very significant delays.

New features

  1. Apart from support for ARQ files, this version adds a convenient method for copying or moving files into subfolders:
  2. To enable / disable this feature, please use Preferences - File Handling - Copy/Move/Reject - "Enable quick copy/move to subfolder".
  3. In this beta version it is enabled by default, but in the release version this mode will most likely be set to off.
FastRawViewer 1.4.6 Preferences
  1. When this mode is enabled, a new element [New Subfolder] will appear:
  2. in the main Menu - File - Copy/Move
FastRawViewer 1.4.6. NewSubfolder from Menu-File
  • in the context menu that appears when you right-click on a thumbnail (thumbnail may belong to a group of selected files)
FastRawViewer 1.4.6. NewSubfolder from Context Menu
  • in the main Menu - Select/Batch - Copy/Move
FastRawViewer 1.4.6. NewSubfolder from Menu-Select/Batch
  1. The [New Subfolder] element will also be available through hotkeys: Alt-M (for Move) and Alt-C (for Copy).
  2. If this [New Subfolder] element is selected, you will be asked to enter the name for the subfolder in the current folder.
  3. When the name for subfolder is entered:
  4. if it doesn't exist the application will create it,
  5. the current file or the selected files will be copied or moved to this subfolder
FastRawViewer 1.4.6 Subfolder name
  1. The dialog, requesting the name for a subfolder, contains an "Enable history" checkbox (please see the arrow on the picture above).
  • If Enable History is checked, the names of the subfolders used in the current session will be recorded. The history can be accessed by pressing the "Arrow down" key. The most relevant name will be selected when you start typing.
  • This history is not saved between sessions.
  1. If the mode Preferences - Grid/Filmstrip - "Single file keys work for multiple files too" is off, the shortcuts and menu items for one file and a group of files will be different; there is no default shortcut for the operations with a group of files.
  2. However if this mode is on, the same shortcuts and a menu items will work both for a single file and a group of selected files, according to the settings.

Bugs fixed

  • 5th (purple) custom label was not read in XMP file in some cases.

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