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I am using FastRawViewer to cull Raw files before importing into Lightroom.
Can't see an option in FastRawViewer to cull video. As I have both video and photos on the card this makes workflow more complicated.
Is there any plan to allow culling and moving of video in FRV?

Sorry, there is no support for video other than series of raw files.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Can you pleace suggest a worflow from card with a combination of photo/video and ending up importing selected RAW´s with stars etc. and all video´s into Lightroom.
Taking into account that we should not update cards I guess I have to copy everything to a temporary folder on harddisk. Should I use  another software for this step?  Do you have a suggestion (on Mac).
I think it´s really important to avoid manuell steps that can introduce fatal errors.


Dear Sir:

You can use FastRawViewer to copy the necessary raw files from a memory card to a hard drive. If at this stage no adjustments are applied to the shots (no ratings, no lables, no exposure or other correction), nothing is written back to the card. Or, you can go to FastRawViewer Preferences, XMP section, and check the box "Read Only XMP". For more details, please see our Manual, Program Settings, XMP section. The PDF of the Manual comes with the installation, and is also available online: (scroll down to "XMP", please).

But then you will not include videos and it´s a high risk you forget them and format your card...


Losing video is indeed a danger, several times I have forgotten that Fast Raw Viewer does not see video files and formatted the card.
Such a shame that FRV does not include method of copying video files.
My workflow is:
1. Import video into Lightroom from card
2. Select and batch copy decent looking images into a temporary folder using FRV
3. Use FRV to run through any files in the temporary folder and use short key to delete any duplicates
4. Import (move) files from temporary folder to final folders using Lightroom
5. Final culling and processing in Lightroom.
I wish that FRV had the ability to select and view multiple images like Lightroom so I could do final cull in FRV

Perhaps Image Capture is a better option for the first step on Mac?


What I found work OK is:
1. Copy images and videos to a temporary folder on harddisk (do not use FRV fro this step)
2. Use FRV for stars, rejects etc. I have setup FRV to move rejects to a different folder.
3. Import the temporary folder in LR and use "Move" to the final destination. Lightroom will import/move everything including videos. 


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