Add rating using numeric keypad?

I had a look in preferences but could not find a way to just press the number 1,2,3,4,5 on the number keypad to set a rating value.
I can do this using the Alt plus number but this slows down the process and needs two hands. Is it possible to just press the number to set a rating?
Many thanks

Dear Sir:

We have Shortcut Editor, please have a look at or at the corresponding chapter in the Manual that comes with the installation as a pdf. This should allow you to assign shortcuts the way you prefer.

Great, using the Shortcut Editor I have switched the ratings to use the number pad.

I used the shortcut editor to do the same as LibRaw and it seemed to work. Today, it doesn't work. Only the default shortcuts for setting the rating works. What could I have done to make this work one day and not another??

Dear Sir:

Any chance that you are using a different keyboard layout on a Mac?

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