FastRawViewer 1.3.7 Release

FastRawViewer 1-3-7

We are happy to announce the FastRawViewer 1.3.7

This version adds twelve new camera support and minor bug fixes and improvements.

Available at the download page.

Camera support:

  • Canon EOS M5
  • Hasselblad X1D, True Zoom
  • Google Pixel, Pixel XL
  • Olympus E-M1 Mark II
  • Panasonic DMС-FZ2500/2000/FZH1, DMC-LX9/10/15
  • Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge
  • Sony ILCA-99M2 (A99-II), a6500


  • Color profile data updated for Olympus, Panasonic and Sony cameras.
  • Baseline exposure indication is added to EXIF panel, see EXIF panel Preferences.
  •  Capture One v10 added to list of known applications.

Bug fixes

  • Additional checks for broken thumbnails
  • Better handling of DNG files with embedded Makernotes data
  • Better handling for Fuji SuperCCD files converted to DNG
  • Reset to Defaults does not affect 'Use System Open File/Folder dialogs' and 'Use built-in icons' settings
  • Reset to Defaults does not affect TryJpegAsRaw, WheelScrollLines, DragPanCursorWOZoom hidden settings
  • New hidden setting AlternateXMPWrite, to be used when encountering a problem with writes to XMP files
  • Non-existing paths (like those pointing to switched off network server) listed in Favorite folders panel do not slow down the program start)
  • EXIF Panel: scrollbars are now visible only when they are necessary.


  • GlobalAlternateHandler script description removed from docs because this setting is no longer in use.



Hi Folks
Thanks fo rth eawesome application love it! I shoot with and X-Pro2 and would love it if you could start to support the compressed RAW files.
Any chance of this? I hear that Fuji has made an SDK for it...
Either way, thanks again and best of teh New Year to all of you :)
Bradley (Shadowside)

Dear Sir:

We independetly support Fuji compressed files for quite some time now. Please try it, and if something does not work for you, please upload a sample raw that FastRawViewer can't display. You can use our e-mail for any communications you want to keep private.

It could be fine if FRW also could view TIF-files :-)

There are a lot of generic TIFF/PSD/PNG/etc viewers, we do not want to become yet another 'viewer of 1000+ formats'

We're focused on from-camera files (RAWs and JPEGs) and on photographic tasks, specific for from-camera files (exposure evaluation, wb/contrast/exposure adjust, etc). So, other (processed) formats are not on top of our TODO list.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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