FRV option to know RGB values for any given Pixel

Hi Team,
   While reviewing images in FRV, specially for Bird Photographers we like to know the RGB values at a specific Location. Like white birds with feathers , we like to know the given values in Feather details.
Do we have any options to place the cursor on image and get the RGB values between 0-255 ?

Our intention is to move as much processing as possible to GPU (video processor). As a side effect, RGB values are calculated in GPU on demand and do not accessible to CPU (common) part of program. To get 'values under cursor' we need to repeat all processing on CPU, that will result in program slow down.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

If you have a Mac you can use the included app called Digital Color Meter and it will be very, very close to correct. At least it has shown to be such with programs that do report both L* and RGB values.

It is correct if the Lab values are known to begin with, that is if the displayed data started in a defined colour space.

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