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Hi FastRawViewer Team,
after my first real production work with rating in FastRawViewer, I have two ideas to enhance the speed and effectiveness of rating even further:
If I go from one image to the next, the moment when I am able to do the rating is just after the red frame disappers. Or in other words: As recently as the preview image is rendered. Not a long time, but long enough to stumble over it.
A longer explanation: I often make decisions after going through a series of images to see all images of the moment in detail. Then I know all those images, their sharpness, their expression and decide, as an example, the third and the fifth of the series are the keepers. Then I have to go back to those 2 images, I have seen already, to give them a star or colour rating. I already know them and there is no need to wait until I see them again in full detail. I just want to go back and rate as fast as possible. And frequently I have to wait till the red frame disappears or my rating gets lost, because I was too fast.
My first request: Is it possible to change the moment the rating is possible to an earlier stage? At best to the moment the browser image is hit by the focus of the selection?
My second request: Is it possible to get some kind of feedback about a change in the rating inside the focus of sight?
Both requests are features of Lightroom already and I am sure it would be good to have them in FastRawViewer too.
Thanks a lot

Dear Sir,

thank you for your feedback.

1st. We'll review moment when rating buttons become available while image is 'in state change' for version 1.4 (now in development).

2nd: what kind of visual feedback do you prefer? Now rating change is shown in

  •  - Filmstrip panel
  •  - XMP Metadata panel (you may move it to, for example, top-center of image area)
  •  - Rating buttons at bottom program line (if enabled)

What else can we do for better visual feedback?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

hello and thanks for the fast and detailed answer, I appreciate that.
1st: great!
2st: As in Lightroom: Any change of star or color rating pops up in the middle of the preview window for a very small amount of time (maybe a 1/10th of a second)  Just for recognition and feedback without the need to leave the image window with the eyes. Taht helps a lot to avoid errors. It should include the rating up and down switches and the "no star" or "no color" too.

We'll try to implement this in FRV 1.4 (as configurable option, default is off). Looks easy for implement, but lot of minor details may affect this first impression.

We'll contact you when we'll have something to show.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Perfect! At the moment I finished my rating of 2002 yesterday photos with FRW. I use Sony A7RII and the folder has 86 GB size. It was a joy to do this.

Dear Sir:

we've examined your first request (faster rating/label buttons availability on file change). Unfortunately, this looks impossible to implement easily (so in FRV 1.4): while in file changing state FRV do lot of job in single action (file processing, upload to GPU and display) and ignores user input (key events are queued and processed later).

So, your request moved to FRV 2.0 TODO (we plan to change lot of program internals in this version).

LR-like visual feedback on rating change (your 2nd request) is planned for FRV 1.4


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks a lot for your interim feedback. It is great to follow your work and to make use of it for my own tasks.

Visual Rating/Label change feedback is implemented in FRV 1.4 (beta):

Preferences - XMP - XMP ratings and labels - Visual feedback on rating/label change: None/in Single view/in Grid mode/in both modes.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks a lot! That helps!

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