FastRawViewer 1.3.5 Release

As always happens with new versions of operational systems, some important functionalies of macOS Sierra are buggy: binary data is stored incorrectly in the defaults. This affects the storing of non-integer parameters in FastRawViewer.

To work around this issue, we are releasing FastRawViewer 1.3.5, available right now from download page.

Compatibility with macOS Sierra

If you have not yet updated to macOS Sierra, simply install this new version of FastRawViewer, open the Preferences (Command-, or Menu - FastRawViewer - Preferences), and press OK. The settings will be updated to our new Sierra-compatible format.

If you have macOS Sierra installed already, please go to the Preferences and check the values of all non-integer parameters. Here is the full list of such parameters with their standard (default) values:

  • Image Display Tab:
  • 1. Boost shadows amount: 0.40
  • 2. Highlights inspection gamma decrease: 0.40
  • 3. Decrease Exposure by: 0.5
  • 4. Sharpening Preset 1: Radius: 1.00 px
  • 5. Sharpening Preset 2: Radius: 2.00 px
FastRawViewer 1.3.5. Image Display Tab
  • Exposure Tab:
  • 1. Set hidden exposure correction to: 0.75 (by default it is off)
  • 2. Fixed exposure Shift: 0.0
  • 3. ETTR autoexposure, if you've chosen the option Saturate up to: 1.0% pixels
  • 4. ETTR autoexposure, if you've chosen the option Hard Limit: 4.0EV
  • 5. Under/Overexposure layer opacity: 1.00
  • 6. Underexposure detection limit: 8.00
FastRawViewer 1.3.5. Exposure Display Tab
  • GPU Processing Tab:
  • 1. Focus Peaking opacity: 0.70
FastRawViewer 1.3.5. GPU Processing Tab
  • Performance Tab:
  • 1. Re-read folder index once in: 1.00 sec.
FastRawViewer 1.3.5. Performance Tab

Other Changes

  • Windows: if FastRawViewer was started, and you have not clicked in the program window (in any place there), the setting for Zoom anchor at mouse cursor was interpreted incorrectly for keyboard zoom ('Z', Ctrl-1, Ctrl-+)
  • Improved parsing of metadata for Leaf Aptus cameras
  • Correct parsing of ISO settings higher than 65535 for Pentax cameras
  • Improved EXIF records parser for JPEG files


FRV is a blessing, and thanks for catching this and updating us.

Dear Tracy:

Thank you for your kind words. We do try to stay current.

Thank you for the great Application and best part it keeps getting better.

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