edits not showing up in viewer for DNG formats

I am relatively new to this viewer. I have all my files saved as dng files in lightroom. However, when i view those files in this viewer, the image does'nt show any edits that were done in lightroom on the dng file, but just the original dng file before all the edits. I am pretty sure I am missing some simple setting, but if somebody knows the solution to his problem, please let me know
Best regards,

Dear Sir:

Lightroom keeps changes in the internal database. To make the changes visible to FastRawViewer, please export XMP files with changes you've made in Lightroom. To do so, in Lightroom 

- Select All files - Metadata - Save Metadata 

In the future, it is useful to make Lightroom to automatically maintain XMP files: select 'Automatically write changes into XMP' in Lr catalog settings.  For DNG files the XMP block will be saved within DNG file.

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