Zoom using mouse wheel (Mac)

Is there a way to configure the mouse wheel to increase/decrease zoom level please? I've had a look through at keyboard shortcuts and can't figure it out. Currently it pans up/down or with shift key left/right.
Kind regards

Yes, this is possible:

 Open keyboard shortcuts editor (Ctrl-K on PC, Command-K on Mac), go to Zoom-Pan section,  and add shortcuts for Zoom In/Zoom out (+ button, than corresponding input, in your case wheel rotation, in input capture dialog).

With default settings, Mouse Weel will scroll (zoomed) image in window, while Shift-Wheel configured for Zoom In/Out


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Simple with the aid of your instructions, thank you :)

This software is a game changer for me, saving me so much time culling photos from the hundreds I often take during a wildlife session. The interface and program icon could be modernised but the speed of viewing raw images is amazing.

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