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Hello. I very much like FastRawViewer and have supported the effort with a paid license. One feature that I think would be very useful is the ability to have FRV advance to the next pic upon setting a rating. This would allow for even faster culling by cutting "rating" and "advance" clicks/keystrokes by half. Asimple toggle in preferences would be great. I hope you will consider this. Thanks.

Dear Sir:

Please activate "XMP Metadata" panel, press the "gear" icon (panel options) on the panel bar, and select the mode you like from the list under "move to next file after..."

  • Do not move – doesn’t move;
  • Rating is set – moves when a rating is set;
  • Label is set – moves when a mark is set;
  • Rating or label – moves when setting either parameter.

You can find more details and screeshots on page 169 of the Manual. The manual (pdf) comes with the installation (main Menu -Help -"PDF Manual"), or you can download it separately from our Download page, We also have it online,

Well that's embarrassing. I looked through the options for such a setting and totally missed it. Thank you for the reply and sorry for the uninformed post.

Dear Sir:

We are always happy to help.

Thank you!  I was looking for this too!  I am new to FRV - still in trial period - but will be paying for this once I've got these little tweaks sorted out in my preferences!

You are very welcome.

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