Exposure Preference settings

I have recently changed to Capture One 11 for raw conversion. My process recipes are for TIFF Adobe RGB (16 bit) sharp screen, TIFF Adobe RGB (16 bit) sharp print, and JPEG sRGB 1600px for web. What settings do you recommend in Fast Raw Viewer for the Image Display/Exposure preferences? Thank you,

Dear Sir:

The settings I use in FastRawViewer don't depend on the raconverter I'm going to use because I want to evaluate the raw itself, not the way it looks opened un-adjusted in a raw converter. That is why I have "Apply Adobe hidden exposure correction" unchecked, "Use camera provided highlight limit" checked, "Fixed exposure shift" set to zero.

Thank you for your excellent explanation. I think the information we gain in this manner is really what I want to know:, i.e. what information is in the raw file (in particular regarding highlights) and what is not.

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