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Hej !
I have looked in the manual and in the forum, but not found this:
I wonder if one can see the raw data presented in its very raw version, ie 
- as it comes of the sensor
- debayered, but before "auto-corrected", tonemapped
The raw picyure of now is nice looking, but as i understand is an interpretation of how it might (should) look. In other softwares there are different interpretations, like Lightroom, Affinity and so on.
I could use this when i tech photography and discuss the similarities of cg linear (we make 3d images for clients)

Dear Sir:

In FastRawViewer: you can change Preferences - Image Display - Contrast curve type to sRGB/Gamma 1.8 or 2.2/L-star from standard Variable contrast setting.

With these contrast curve (tonemapping) settings: image is white-balanced, demosaiced, color conversion (from camera to display) is applied, but tonemapping is very simple, no S-shaped curve (without tonemapping, linear image will look very dark on screen). You probably may want to turn Preferences - Exposure - Apply Adobe hidden exposure correction off

Also, you may consider our RawDigger program. It allows:

 - 'Raw image display': without white balance, with or without (very basic) demosaic, with or without 2.2 gamma conversion.

 - RGB image display in raw colors: white balance, demosaic, no camera-to-screen color conversion, with or without gamma-2.2, with or without auto-brightening.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you for the very quick response.
I tested the settings and i will probably get the RawDigger too :)

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