Jpg showing as thumbnail?

Hi... maybe I've got a setting wrong in FRV somewhere but last week I changed the picture control settings on my Nikon to Monochrome to experiment with learning to see images in black and white. I shoot raw so this setting only changes the jpg preview file that displays on the camera's LCD screen, the raw file captures and retains all the colour information. However, upon viewing in FRV, the thumbnails on grid view are all in black and white. (Note that when I view the image in full size, it is in colour). Is there a way to have the thumbnail display in colour?

Dear Kimberley:

In FastRawViewer we are displaying thumbnails (in filmstrip and in grid) as the camera records them for JPEG preview. Re-rendering thumbnails from raw is seriously time-consuming.

Ah ok, sure I just thought all aspects of FRV were raw and I'd missed a setting somewhere, no problem!

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