After I move files to "rejected" LR still wants to import them...

I'm having a workflow issue--I use FRV to preview my files and select the best ones (using stars). I right click to "move to rejected" all unselected files. I end up with, say, 8 selected files in the top folder and 15 rejected files that are in a subfolder below the top folder named "_Rejected." I want to import only the selected files into LIghtroom, so in the LR import dialog I point it to the top folder, but when LR shows the proposed import it displays all 23 files--both those in the top folder and those in the _Rejected folder. I have examined the file structure in Windows file explorer and it clearly shows that there are 8 files in the top folder and 15 in the _Rejected subfolder. Why is lightroom showing all 23 files even though I point it only to the top folder? I can see no setting in LR along the lines of "exclude subfolders during import." I do notice that FRV has added an XMP file for each file in the top folder, presumably to show that it has been assigned a star. There are no XMP files in the _Rejected folder.
Thanks for your help. (BTW, is there any way to search the posts in the forum?)

Dear Sir:

Please try unchecking "Include Subfolders" in Lightroom import, under the "Source"

That's it! I didn't notice it because it disappears when you scroll down in the source list. Thanks.

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