zooming in and rating a file - query

I'm new to Fast Raw Viewer. I just bought it after I realised that Sony ACR files (bought a Sony A73) only have a low res file JPG embedded, so when I'm culling pics and checking photos in Photo Mechanic, I can only see a very pixellated preview. 
All I want to do in Fast Raw View is checking focus and rate favourite pics, then delete the rest. Then import into Lightroom for processing. I have a Mac.  
1/To check focus, it looks like I need to press Command/1 to zoom in to 100 preview, then Command/0 to zoom back out. Is there a way to use one key and toggle in and out? 
2/ Is there a way of tagging photos just by pressing a number (say, 1) as in Photo Mechanic and Lightroom, or do I have to always have to press Option 1. As it is, I'm worried I'll forget to press Option 1 to tag them when I'm flicking through quickly, especially as I'm already pressing Command 1  or 0 to zoom in and out. 
Any advice appreciated, thanks!

Dear Sir:

1st: you can rearrange any key sequence, including rating keys (and zoom too, but see below), here is the details: https://www.fastrawviewer.com/usermanual14/keyboard-shortcuts

Rating keys are in XMP Rating section

2nd: to toggle zoom in/zoom out you may use 'Toggle Zoom' action (standard assignment: Z key, as in LightRoom, you may reassign), zoom value for toggle zoom action could be set via Preferences - Zoom - "Toggle zoom" Zoom to: setting.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

That's great news. Thanks for the speedy answer!

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