Focus Distance - subject distance range

    Hi, in frv i have in exif display preferences, by: Dist.range: subject distance range selected.
    But it dosent show up.
    When i check my flickr acount, in the exif the distance shows up, so my camera a nikon D3s ad it to the exif.
    download for a nef file here
    And a link to a photo from me ad flickr with the distance can be viewed here
    i am starting to use FRV not only for viewing my raw files, but also to check if my lenses have no front or backfocus in real live situation's, thanks to its focus peaking option.
    and I want to know  where the sweet spot of my lenses is, so in that case subject distance is a handy tool/part of info...

    Dear Sir:
    Please look at the comments to FocusDistance, "this focus distance is approximate, and not very accurate for some lenses"
    In my experience this focus distance data is quite often misleading and/or inaccurate, that's why we don't display it for the cameras where it is more of a guesstimate than an actual value.

    thx for the fast reply.
    i did check the distance scale on the lens, and with what i did see on flickr.
    its indeed not exactly, but its not a meters, yards or feeds diffenrece.
    But thx, for your response, i will read me in on the link you provited.

    Just one more question.
    Why put it in FRV when "that's why we don't display it for the cameras where it is more of a guesstimate than an actual value".
    I have read the link you provited, and did try some orther software with exif info.
    they all give the distence, and all the software did give the same distances.
    I realy mis this kind off info in FRV..
    and i dont like anny other software for collecting info.

    Dear Sir:
    We display that information for the cameras where the accurate information is available.

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