Hello! When do you think you'll be able to add support for the EOS R/CR3? Thanks!

Dear Sir: We are working on it, no ETA can be given, sorry. It is a new undocumented format, we need to decode it first.

Insisting support for CR3!

Dear Sir: We are still working on it. If you want to help you can try petitioning Canon to publish the specifications for CR3 format.

still no cr3 support!

Here is 1st public beta with Canon CR3 support: https://www.fastrawviewer.com/blog/FastRawViewer-1-5-1-Beta-CR3-Support

Your feedback is always welcome


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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What is the big structural difference between cr3 & cr2?
The dual pixel they managed to implement it in the old cr2, but IMHO now in cr3 they have left room for depth maps. Like Apple's based on HEVC 265 or pure bitmap, no? I see no other reason to update the RAW file format.

Just got the newest release with EOS R support. Thanks so much! :)

Dear Sir:

You are very welcome.

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