FastRawViewer 1.5.3 Release

Camera support:

  • Canon G7X Mark III, G5X Mark II
  • Fujifilm GFX100
  • Sony RX0-II, A7R-IV, RX100-VII
FastRawViewer 1.5.3

New features

  • Preferences - Grid/Filmstrip - Keep current thumbnail visible on Grid resize (number 1 on the picture below).
  • If enabled, Grid view resize (e.g. due to panels on-off) will keep current image in visible area.
  • Preferences - Grid/Filmstrip - Select-and-advance action changes the last file selection state (number 2 on the picture below).
  • If enabled, Ctrl-. action will select/deselect the last file in folder.
  • Limit Zoom Out: the lower bound for the upper limit is now 50%
FastRawViewer 1.5.3. Preferences. Limit Zoom Out
  • Fix for some cases when white balance data has been damaged by Nikon Capture.

Bug fixes

  • In certain cases (for example, when a lens adapter was not communicating the aperture setting to a camera), shutter speed was not displayed over Grid/Filmstrip thumbnails.
  • In single file view mode, setting the Title/Description for a group of files (using Menu/Select-Batch or context menu for a selected file) did not work as expected.
  • Fixed a crash for when a file had the .TIF-extension but was in fact a JPEG file
  • If Hide groups with only one value was set in the Sort&Filter panel options, file counts may not fit into the panel.


The links for the release are under the /beta subfolder which causes some problems for updating homebrew with the latest release. If you're planning to keep it this way, we could however update homebrew to reflect that change but thought I would leave a comment here first since I suspect it's an oversight.

Dear Sir:

  1. Links in Download sections are correct, no /beta prefix. We suggest to use /download page in your scripts b/c it is fixed URL (announce URLs are always different).
  2. Links in announce page  corrected. Thank you for your message.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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