Show panels only when not in grid mode

I have to questions regarding RFV 1.5.4
#1 I generally work in the grid mode and don't want any panels here except of the folder panel on the left. But if I select a photo for the single view I want the panels on the right (XMP, Exif etc.). Is it possible to configure FRV this way?
#2 I am using a 4K screen and set the font size fo "small" wherever I found this option. This works, except for the folder name above the thumbnails in the grid view - see attached screenshot. Is there a way to set the font size for this element as well?

Another question
#3 Is it possible to show the date/time a photo was taken in the bottom bar? I could only find an EXIF summary which does not contain the timestamp.

Dear Sir:

  1. Panel layout (exсept Filmstip w/ special settings) is the same for both Grid and Single File mode.

    You may drag Folders panel out of main window (to 'floating' mode) and set Preferences - Panels - Hide floating panels: to "Do not hide". Than you may use Tab key to hide other (docked) panels, keeping (floating) Folders panel always on.

  2. Yes, folder name on top of Grid view is not affected by Grid/Filmstrip font size. To be fixed in next update.

  3. Current versions of FRV could not display EXIF timestamp in bottom bar. We'll consider this option for future updates.

    In current version of FRV you can turn on EXIF timestamp display in both Grid and Filmstrip panels


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks, lexa. I really appreciate your feedback.
I just found another small issue with the font size: The "Sort & Filter" panel does not reflect the small font sisze I set (at least on my system here with a 4K screen).

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