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Does anyone else use Affinity to edit their images?
If so how do I get FastRAWViewer to open my images in Affinyt? I cannot find the .app file.

Dear Francesca:

If you are using a Mac, Affinity Photo app should be in your Applications folder.

Just use the OS SEARCH function to find things on your machine. Type in Affinity & it will display files & folders where all things Affinity reside & then just pick what you are looking for. For Windows 10, it offers several menu choices & one is "Open File Location", which opens the folder where Affinity resides. There you scroll down to Photo.exe. Use that file name to point FRV to.
Macs have a similar system Search function.  As well, you can always do a web or YouTube search.

In FastRawViewer Preferences, right in the "External Editors" window, we suggest to use […] buttons to lookup executable file on your system. It's also in the manual.

It is and I had linked to this.
However the secret tip that it took me a very long while to find is that you need to type in /Applications/Affinity  Then restart the FastRAW viewer. 
I was not adding the .app extension. Never heard of it before in these terms. Very frustrating and not explained at all in the manual.
Now working fine thank you.

How it works for me.

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