Histogram discrepancies between FRV and C1

My planned workflow will use FRV for culling, editing in a Capture One session, and final cataloguing in a master C1 catalogue. I will really impressed by the intro video showing the speed and objectivity in culling using exposure statistics etc. However, I'm struggling to get the histograms for a photo to look similar in FRV and Capture One so I don't know which on to 'trust'. 
My FRV settings are default, and I've only ammended Capture One to default new images to the 'Linear Response' curve to maximise data and potential for custom s-curves etc. 
I've attached screenshots of the histograms presented in FRV and Capture One.... Do I need to configure FRV to simulate this 'linear response' curve? As can be seen, they bear little resemblence, even the order of different channels appear in a different order.

FastRawViewer displays unprocessed RAW histogram: no white balance, no contrast curve (and exposure adjustment moves horizontal scale relative to fixed histogram). Horizontal scale is in photographic stops (EV). This type of histogram is targeted for culling (i.e. exposure evaluation of different frames)

C1 (and most other RAW editors) displays histogram of processed image: with applied WB, contrast curve, exposure adjustments. Histogram changes when you change parameters applied. Horizontal scale is (most probably) linear in 'source RGB values' (so gamma corected). This type of histogram  is targeted for editing (of already selected image)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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Thank you. That makes sense

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