FRV and Afffinity photo

I've recently begun to use Affinity photo for most of my editing. It doesn't have a digital asset manager component and I'd like to use FRV for this. Main drawback is that FRV doesn't recognise Affinity photo files. I can of course send RAW files to Affinity Photo from FRV but having done that I can't directly reedit the .afphoto files. I know its not what FRV is designed to do but it would be useful.

Is there any public documents describing Affinity Photo own file formats?  Or, even better, opensource SDK to read these files?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Hi ! :-)
Sorry to resurect this old thread ... But as I'm a fan of Affinity Photo, it'll be so great to have at least a preview of .afphoto files in FRV.
I made some research on this Internet and it seems that XnView MP developers made it possible. It seems that .afphoto files embed a .png preview file.
Thanks a lot in advance :-) 

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