Affinity Photo see's Monochrome DNG from a Sony A7R camera as RGB

Hi, whether I use Serifs Raw engine or Apples (Image Core Raw) engine the DNG is imported into the Develop Persona (Affinity Photos Raw editing section) as RGBA/32 and doesn't assign a greyscale profile, is this correct or should it apply the greyscale profile?
If I open in Adobe Photoshop it opens with Grey Gamma 2.2 8bit
Is Affinity Photo not seeing some relevant info to have it identfied as a Greyscale image?
The camera has been adapted to shoot monochrome and Monochrome2dng used to produce a DNG file.

Monochrome2DNG-produced DNGs does not contain color data (CFA pattern, color matrix) in DNG tags.

It is possible that some other software does not read DNGs the right way (based on DNG tags only) but use:

  • Either camera vendor/model name (than use internal metadata tables based on make/model)
  • Vendor-specific metadata (makernotes).

You may try to:

  • Change camera vendor or model name via Monochrome2DNG Preferences (change Make tag/change Model tag on Output DNG settings Preferences tab). For example, append -BW or -Monochrome to Model tag.
  • Uncheck the 'Copy vendor Makernotes data to DNG'


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

BTW, Leica M Monochrom image also opens as RGBA/16 in Affinity Photo 1.9.1

It looks like all Affinity Edits are in RGB by default, even from natively monochrome files.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks for the heads up on that, looks like there needs to be some change to the serif raw engine. I would be nice to know what Photoshop see's that Affinity does not.

I wonder if the devs or mods could shed a little light on this.

Thank you for the reply that will help a lot, if I get it working I'll be sure to pop back and update this post.
very much appreciated.

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