Option to not save exposure changes while culling?

is there a setting or option such that if I make exposure changes while viewing my images, that they would not be saved once I move off the image (or once I quit FRV)? Reason is that I'd like to make exposure changes just to preview / cull but once in my editor would like to start with the RAW exactly as shot. 
Thanks and sorry if this has been answered, I didn't see a search function in the forum here. 

Exposure/WB/Contrast changes are saved into XMP sidecar files.

There are several options to consider

  • Preferences - XMP - Exposure/Contrast/WB - Uncheck 'Adobe compatible... section'.

    With this setting, FRV will write own edits, but not adobe-comparible one, so your editor will not see this.
  • Preferences - XMP - Read-Only XMP

    This will prevent any XMP data change (including both edits and Ratings/Labels)
  • Preferences - XMP - uncheck this section completely, this will stop XMP reading too.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

thanks. I use something other than adobe to edit and am writing the star ratings while I cull so I do want the sidecar to have those.
I found the 'reset image rendering to defaults' (ctrl + shift + R), however haven't been able to select all and reset all image edits at once. Do you know if this can be applied to mulitple impages? (I did successfully do that for each image before I quit out after culling / rating but would be easier as last step to reset edits on all images at once). Thanks for the reply! 

Sorry, there is no 'batch edits reset' We'll consider adding it to some future release.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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