New User and AFtershot Pro

AFtershot Pro uses xmp sidecar files yet I can not see edits applied from Fastraw when I open the file in Aftershot Pro.  Am I doing something wrong or do I have a misunderstanding of how to use Fastraw?

Could you please tell what are the edits, are those 1. ratings and labels or 2. white balance, "exposure correction", contrast? DoesAftershot read Adobe XMP tags for the second group of edits?

Don't know if this helps or not, but PHoto Mechanic can see the star ratings applied by FastRaw, but it can't see any exposure changes applied in FastRaw.

This is because Photo Mechanic doesn't expect "exposure changes" in XMP. It displays JPEGs, embedded or external. You can try using Adobe render in Photo Mechanic,

Thank you for the link.  I will give this a try and see if I can see the edits in PM.

I tried both # and #2 above.    This is a cut and past from Corel help file. 
"The image editor in Corel AfterShot Pro is completely non-destructive, so you are free to experiment and edit your images as much as you want, knowing that you can always revert to the original version. All the edits that you make and metadata that you add is stored either in a sidecar XMP file, within a Corel AfterShot Pro catalog, or both."
Not sure if this qualifies as an ADOBE XMP or if it is different than an ADOBE  XMP.
Also, is anyone aware of a raw editor other than LR than will read FastRaw edits?  This would speed up my workflow a lot.

Please have a look at

In FastRawViewer Preferences the naming scheme is selected on XMP tab.

Thanks for the link from the Aftershot help file.  If I read it correctly, it will look for standard xmp files if it does not find a corel xmp.  I am assuming that I should then be able to see the edits from FastRaw.  However, I can't at the moment.  I will dabble with changing the name convention and see if anything works.  Do you have any suggestions? 

When you are importing raw files into AfterShot it should read ratings and labels from XMP created by FastRawViewer. If the raw files are already imported and / or "If a Corel AfterShot Pro XMP file exists, metadata is read from this file and no other metadata is imported."

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