(closed) FastRawViewer 2/RC1

This topic is for FastRawViewer 2.0/Release Candidate1 problem reports and suggestions,

UPD: also closed b/c of FRV 2.0 release.

I tried the new multi-screen features whilst reviewing a large shoot taken with two lenses. In no particualr order these are my findings:
1) In the grid thumbnail view there is no option for lens data. This would be useful to have available on its own line as I was trying to compare two lenses it was difficult to know which photo was taken with which lens.
2) There is a camera data option in the thumbnail view so FRV has the code to extract this already from the EXIF. This would be a good item to add to the file renaming templates.
3) Using two view option takes up a lot of screen estate. We can turn off all tabs but it would be better if we could just turn off tabs one at a time. I have folders on the left so don't need this once a folder is selected but I like to see histogram exposure stats stars etc on the right. Can we have the option to turn off left and right sides separately.
4) Using the two screen view for culling was difficult, say I have two screens put the reference photo on the 2nd screen and cycle though on the 1st screen. I get a better photo on the 1st screen I could not find an easy way to delete the photo on the 2nd screen. Maybe we could have an option move 1st screen to 2nd screen and delete photo on second screen or a keyboard short cut to delete the photo on the 2nd screen.

In order:

1-2: Yes, there is no lens data display in grid/filmstrip. We'll consider adding it in FRV 2.1 (or, maybe, FRV 2.0.x). Images in sequence (to select from) are usually shot with same lens; Lens comparison was not in mind for multi-window mode.

3: To turn off panel(s) use menu items in Menu-Panels or corresponding hotkey

4: there are a lot of buttons for   image swap, copy from main window to secondary and back, clear 2nd window, see details in FRV2 leaflet: https://updates.fastrawviewer.com/data/2beta/FastRawViewer_2-0-Release-C...


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Regarding point #3 the button on the bottom bar turns off all tabs. What would be useful is to be able hide just those on the left side (or right side) like in Lightroom. I would want to keep the right-hand side tabs to review exposure histogram etc.
Regarding point 4 there is no easy way to delete the image in the second window if say you are running though images on the left window and find a new master. If I find a new master I want to press x (my delete short cut) in the second window but I cannot. So maybe we could have a shortcut that says delete current image in second window and move image from master window to second window. This way I promote a new reference photo in the second window and have deleted the old one that is nolonger needed in a simple shortcut. This would speed up culling.

Context menu/ Move to _Rejected works in secondary window too.

(as mentioned in manual/what's new), Shortcuts ALWAYS acts on primary window to avoid (tricky) context tracking (easy to do in program but hard to adapt by user). 


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team