Sony A7RIV - embedded jpgs for RAW files aren't sharp unless zoomed in at 100%

The embedded jpg's for Sony's A7RIV are 1616x1080 resolution. When I view them in "fit to window" within fastrawviewer the zoom level is at 89.8%. The issue I'm having is that the jpg isn't sharp. It's soft/blurry looking. However when I zoom in at 100% the picture is sharp. When I switch to RAW view, the picture is sharp. It's only the previewed jpg at the "fit to window" zoom level that it's soft. 
Is this normal? It would be nice if it displayed the image normally (without the softening effect) so I can quickly assess the picture without having to zoom the internal jpg at 100% to see the sharpness.

What is your settings for Preferences - GPU Processing - Downsampling ?


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

My GPU processing options are set to method "bicubic", and downsampling is "area resize". When I view jpg's from the camera (any camera) the picture quality is extremely beautiful and sharp. It's only when I view the internal jpg from a raw file that it's slightly softer. But when it's zoomed in at 100% it looks good again.

Thanks for info: It is already best downsampling options available in FRV.

The problem is: when downsampling from say 1000 pixel-wide image to 898 pixels on screen (zoom ratio 89.8%) each pixel on screen

  - either calculated as a mix of adjacent original pixels, resulting into softer image

   - or nearest pixel is picked up, resulting in moire and other downsampling artifacts.

FastRawViewer Area resample for zoom ratrios 0.9999 - 0.6 is really a mix of bicubic and Area resize, again to suppress artifacts. Probably we need an option here (mix or not), but slightly resampled images always looks softer than original one.

Toggle zoom key (Z) allows quick zoom to 100% (configurable) and back, probably this helps with issue.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Alright, thanks!

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