metadata changes in FRV > LR?

Hi all, excuse the beginner question but is there a way for ratings or color label changes made in FRV to images that can automatically transfer to those images already imported into a lightroom catalog?

i started using FRV for review/cull directly on the CF card and then importing via LR, but since RAW images generate so much faster in FRV, I'd like to be able to go through older images that i've already imported in LR, make those metadata changes in FRV, and have them apply to the images in my LR catalog. 

any help is appreciated!

Lightroom(catalog)-FRV metadata interchange is described in FRV manual: (and next page)

Please note: if you imported your files as 'Copy as DNG', you'll need to change metadada for your created DNG, not for original RAW files


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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