FastRawViewer 2.0.2 Release

FastRawViewer 2.0.2

Camera Support added

  • DJI Mavic 3
  • Fujifilm GFX50S II, X-T30 II
  • GoPro HERO10
  • Nikon Z fc
  • Sony ILCE-7RM3A (A7R-IIIA), ILCE-7RM4A (A7R-IVA)
  • Preliminary/limited support:
  • Sony ILCE-7M4 (A7-IV)
  • Canon EOS R3
  • Nikon Z9 (Standard compression only; for High Efficiency raw compression embedded JPEG is displayed)

Minor Changes:

  • Added predefined patterns for EXIF time in rename dialog/tokens drop-down (hhmm and hhmmss).
  • New feature: the ability to set additional arguments when executing applications from within FastRawViewer as an External Editor ('Run program').
  • Additional arguments are added to the line with the path to the application, separated by |
  • For example, if you want to call Adobe DNG Converter with additional switches '-d /path/to' (which means 'write the generated DNGs to the /path/to folder'), the line will look like the following:
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe DNG Converter\Adobe DNG Converter.exe|-d|/path/to
  • Mac: /Applications/Adobe DNG|-d|/path/to
  • New setting: Preferences - Grid Mode - Return to Grid mode via double-click on single file view
  • If enabled, double click in the single image view window will cause switching (back) to grid view
  • Fujifilm RAF files: now we read XMP embedded blocks (e.g. ratings set via camera menu)
  • New additional subsetting for Zoom - Zoom anchor at mouse cursor:
  • Only if mouse cursor is inside the image.
  • EXIF Table: user-selectable options for 0/1/2 decimal digits in GPS arc-seconds display.
  • Hidden preferences (compatibility) parameter GPUCompatibilityMode to use OpenGL2/GL ES 2.1 instead of modern version. Default: on for macOS bigSur and newer, also for Catalina/Intel HD4000 GPU graphics
  • New settings: Interface - Standard dialogs font size and Menus font size.
  • macOS Catalina/HD4000 graphics driver bug workaround.
  • Improved first start user experience.
  • macOS: fixed issue when closing/starting the program from maximized window state.
  • New checkboxes in Rename dialog:
  • [ ] Use last used pattern: for multi-file rename, will restore the rename pattern that was applied right before
  • [ ] Also for single file: the same for single file (only if [ ] Extended parameters is checked)
FastRawViewer 2.0. Renaming files

Bug fixes:

  • OE/UE data were not created for secondary window if file opened not via copy from main window.
  • macOS BigSur/M1: drag-n-drop fixes.
  • GPS data were not displayed when browsing JPEG files in Single File View mode if Lone JPEGs: On prefetch prefetch mode were used.
  • NoGPSStatus hidden settings script was missing.
  • Show summary after copy/move: source folder was displayed in message instead of destination.
  • If global rejected folder option is on, but path to this folder is not set in Preferences:  global selected folder selector arrives before Preferences dialog appear.
  • Fixed FRV to Lightroom drag-drop issue.
  • Statistics panel does not update after changing panel settings via gear menu
  • Fixed histogram numeric aliasing problem


Those are some nice additions on the GPS EXIF data support. Not just the non-displaying bug, but also the possibility of displaying more decimals in the coordinates :)
Thanks for your lightning-fast support! 

Just spotted this option. This is seriously useful, as it means that the mouse tool can be used intuitively for this frequent need and avoids trying to find the G key with the left hand.

Will it be possible in the future to convert between sony's lossless compressed and uncompressed raw?

I'm afraid that's not in the cards: FastRawViewer is designed for different purposes.

Do you think Z9' High Efficiency Raw will be natively supported, or is it excluded due to TicoRaw licence ?

Dear Sir:

We don't see how a format can be subjected to a restrictive license.

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