Can FastRawViewer be used just for viewing/culling jpgs?

I'm looking for a basic image file viewer for initial culling of my wildlife photos. I'm a hobby photographer and shoot in Raw plus fine jpg using Nikon cameras. My photos are shared on Facebook and Instagram. I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro laptop and find the Preview and Photo apps unusable for the task. My other computer is a Windows desktop on which I have used various browsers and culling software. I can actually get basic culling done with the Windows 10 Photo app. I've used Breezebrowser before and quite like it but they don't do a Mac version. My needs and expectations are not high but I do appreciate well designed efficient software ... even if it may be considered slight overkill for my undemanding use case. I very rarely make use of Raw files currently (although I may do in the future) and get good enough results post processing a limited number of my Nikon jpgs using Photoshop CS5. Most of my shared work is straight out of camera jpgs ... maybe with a moderate crop and mild curve adjustment now and then. The RAW files I produce are really just a future proofing measure for if or when I decide to move to a more RAW based work flow. Does FastRawViewer allow for viewing of jpgs only? ... and if so what are the limitations in terms of the app's feature set that is usable compared to working with RAW files?
Thanks ... Greg

Dear Sir:

FastRawViewer displays JPEGs, and the 30-day trial is free.

Thanks for the response ... it's definitely on a shortlist to trial run ... is all functionality retained if working with jpegs?

Dear Sir:

In FastRawViewer, one can't change the appearance of JPEGs the way it is possible with raw. Basically, that's it.

Fantastic ... thanks.

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