Culling during import?

Hi there, I use FRV on almost every job in the following way: ingest images using Photo Mechanic (usually two cards at a time into my Mac hard drive). I then cull using FRV as it gives the best previews for my Sony.
I often need to start culling straight away while the files are coming in. However, the filmstrip jumps around as new files come in so I can't navigate the filmstrip and it makes culling/browsing super difficult. 
Is there a way around this? 

What sort order do you use? If it is not (default) 'Filename, Natural sort' you're hit by folder re-sort (assuming files come in 'natural order'). You may try to turn off  the Preferences - File Handling - (Sorting and Filtering group) - Scroll to selected image while filtering/metadata being read setting.

Also, you may turn off Folder re-read via Preferences - File Handling - (File browsing group) - Check for folder updates each (set it to zero).

To re-read folder use Menu - File - Reload - Reload current folder (Windows: Ctrl-Shift-F4/Mac: Cmd-Shift-F4 with default shortcuts set)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Great thank you I will try these when I am back home with a couple of SD cards to do a test. The first option sounds promising - I don't entirely understand the sentence but it seems to point in the right direction!

PS I always use exif timestamp because my files have to be in time order so I can cull intuitively from my two camera bodies.

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