Changes made in ACR not showing in FRV

Hi there
If I open a raw file in Adobe Camera Raw (say reduce Exp, and boost shadows slider), click Done (to save XMP), return to FRV, click Reload file, the only changes visible is the Exp reduction. The boost shadow adjustment is not visible. Is there a way to force FRV to reflect all edits performed in ACR? 

FastRawViewer supported RAW adjustments are: Exposure, White Balance, and Contrast (highest contrast values are emulated via ACR's Contrast +Blacks). There are no other controls, so all other changes made via ACR/Lightroom are not visible/ignored in FastRawViewer.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Righto. It would be ideal if it could all be synchronised. But thank you for the information! 

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