Applying White Balance for Multiple Photos

I'm new to FRV, ver 2.0.7, and I've been really enjoying it so far as it is genuinely *very* fast.
I have one question about white balance that was asked in 2016, but doesn't appear to have an answer: how to apply a custom WB to an xmp file for > 1 file.
To start with, these are my settings Image Display > White Balance (see attached if not displayed):

So, when I open a photo and type in a custom WB level, I see that an xmp file is created with the appropriate value for WB, and when I use the arrow keys to move to the next/previous photo, the custom WB level is applied to the photo, but the custom WB is not written a new xmp file, or an existing XMP file for the image is not updated.
While I like being able to view the same custom WB as I go through the images, how can I apply the same custom WB to numerous photos such that it's saved to the xmp file?
Thank you for your help!

FRV Help, then Usage Tips, from there Propagation to Sidecar Files, it's the last card ;)

Ah...thank you!

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