Feature request: preview/navigate 100% magnified image from thumbnail

I love FastRAWViewer but one feature I'd love to see is something like an image "navigator" with 100% preview when dragging around within the thumbnail.  Something similar to the image navigator in Photoshop and other tools where you can drag a fixed size reactangle inside the image thumbnail and have a 100% view of the image.  PhotoMechanic has exactly this function - dragging the mouse cursor within the thumbnail displays a draggable fixed-size rectangle within said thumbnail, with a 100% preview of the area of the photo in the rectangle being displayed to the side of or below the thumbnail within the UI. It's very useful for quickly checking focus in the image, which would otherwise necessitate pressing Ctrl-1 and then dragging around within FRVs image viewer, which is much slower than what's offered by the above feature.
Thanks for reading my post :)

Standard  Quick Zoom+Pan (Shift + Mouse Right click) and Zoom + Drag (Shift + Left click) does the same thing, but without separate navigator subwindow.

Also you may find quick zoom (Z) useful in combination with mouse pointer (check Preferences - Zoom - Zoom anchor at mouse cursor to zoom at point pointed by mouse).

Zoom ratios for all zoom functions mentioned are separate tunable via Preferences - Zoom settings.


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thanks for the quick response Alex, I wasn't aware of that shortcut and it's so customisable too.  Excellent.

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