Feature request: please add option to show original/enhanced RAW for enhanced DNG files from LrC

Currently in FRV 2.09 beta in preferences there is an option for DNG to show original RAW or Enhanced RAW data.
Issue is - this is application wide setting.
It would be much more flexible if this could be applied on per image basis.
Currently there is an option to toggle between RAW/embedded JPEG/ext. JPEG by pressing J.
It would be great if ypu could add Enhanced RAW to this list, so it would become "RAW/Enhanced RAW/embedded JPEG/ext. JPEG".
Or at least make it possible to toggle between RAW and Enhanced RAW with a hotkey.

You may use our RawDigger application to inspect RAW image sub-frames.

We do not plan to support frame selection in multi-frame files in FastRawViewer: it may be VERY memory consuming because RAW file can contain dozens sub-frames, many megabytes each (for example, Canon 'RAW burst' files). Combined with FastRawViewer's  RAW data pre-fetch/pre-decode this may result in a multi-gigabyte memory footprint if several/many multi-frame files are present in the folder being culled.



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

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