FRV 1.3 b1 does not display Exif fields

No matter how many or few (even 'default') fields I set in the Exif panel dialog, FRV displays only nine, and the same nine all the time. Exposure, WB, Date, Camera, Lens and Apperture, "program" (i.e. AE), ISO and Name.
I want to see the "User Comments" field that Exiftool shows has content in the file (a NEF raw file) and the Copright info. I have set the appropriate tick-box in the panel preferences dialog. But, no luck.

Am I missing some setting? Should there be more than 9 fields (assuming the Exif entries are not empty)
Thank you,

Could you please share some sample raw file?

(e.g. send link to if you do not wish to publish link in public space)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team

Thank you Lexa. I have emailed a NEF file to you (44mb).
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