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Hey Arkitekt,  I suffer the same issue!
My thread also highlighted same problem, see
The problem is with our workflow and FRV workflow being different. In my case I shoot fashion runways (catwalks) and return with 1000 images all of which are shot in a controlled lighting environment. Before exposure adjustment, it is essential to decide and set a single value of White Balance (WB) because otherwise wrong exposure adjustment will occur. As you say, random viewing to decide and set an appropriate Custom WB causes xmp files to be generated for random images. Then when sweeping thru the full set of images. those random xmp files cause parsing of custom WB to fail, and everything thereafter screws up. 
I reverted from FRV to Lightroom for  WB & EV for 12 months, using LR WB batch sync, then using LR Auto Tone as batch process (this is very fast by the way). This worked well, but I returned to FRV 12 months later to try to overcome the problem.  This is a get-around for FRV:-
A - Disable Preferences/XMP/Read Only XMP (already default value probably)
B - Disable Preferences/XMP/Force XMP Creation.
C - Delete all xmp for the batch to be processed.
Note:   This will be the default Preferences with which FRV should open initially. (Restart FRV when you first make changes to be sure)

1 - Study images,  and decide and set a Custom WB which is to be deployed on all images within batch. (at this point no xmp are written).
2 - Now select first image in the batch to start from.
3 - Enable Preferences/XMP/Force XMP Creation
4 - Set your chosen value of for WB on the first image
5 - Adjust Exposure, etc whichever way you chose, and scroll ONCE thru the images doing similar adjustments (no need to do WB adjustment of course).
Finally before closing FRV, disable Preferences/XMP/Force XMP Creation. This will then enable you to  start procedure from 1 - when starting next workflow.
If FRV added a Keyboard Shortcut to toggle Preferences/XMP/Force XMP Creation,  life would be easier !

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
FRV Windows x64-DX9