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Ah, yes I meant XMP.
I had "Force XMP creation" checked.   This is because no XMP were written if set OFF.
I tried again with "Force XMP creation" un-checked and tested again. Closed FRV.  Deleted all XMP files and then repeated random clicks.
Now, only first file #1 has an XMP written to disk. None of the others clicked obtain an XMP file, although the full size image in FRV does show that Custom WB setting from #1 has been displayed correctly on other image views. 
Could it be because my files are already existing in LR5 before testing FRV?
When I open LR to view images with adjusted WB, exposure, etc.  only the first image #1 highlights external XMP is available and other files remain with no highlights.

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
FRV Windows x64-DX9