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Dear Midori,

If in FastRawViewer "force XMP" mode is "OFF", the XMP file will be recorded (or modified) only if you modified at least one of the following: WB, Exposure, Orientation, Title, Description, Rating, Label. The modified parameter (parameters) will be recorded in XMP (if however "force" is "ON", all the parameters will be recorded as soon as the raw file is opened, and subsequently modified in XMP in sync with the modifications you are making to those parameters in FastRawViewer). Also, you may be interested to read about Propagation in the manual and in Tips to see how the changes you've made to the first file can be recorded as XMP for the next file you open.

FastRawViewer respects existing XMP sidecar files when opening a raw file, but if XMP is deleted, or never existed, the file is opened without applying any external adjustments.