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I understand your comments and read Manual and Tips carefully.
Nevertheless, the only way to obtain XMP files when WB AND/OR Exposure are changed is with the following Preference settings:-
Image Display >   Exposure Correction on File Open > Autoexposure  (I want the autoexposure function executed for each subsequent image indivudually)
White Balance > WB for next file same camera > same as previous
[ X ] Keen WB for next file same camera ON
XMP > [ X ] Force XMP file creation ON
Your comment "If in FastRawViewer "force XMP" mode is "OFF", the XMP file will be recorded (or modified) only if you modified at least one of the following: WB, Exposure, Orientation, Title, Description, Rating, Label."    Is not correct as WB and Exposure are changed for each image, but no XMP is written unless Force XMP File Creation is ON.   This is how my first post was submitted.
The first file has Auto Exposure applied, and I manually carry out Custom WB (ALT right click) on the first file.
Now, I am able to scroll thru the folder and eacg file will have XMP created with same custom WB and persaonalise Auto Exposure.
This seems perfectly correct and logical. If Force XMP file creation is OFF then even though WB and Exposure has been changed "as previous", no XMP's are created.  So this is why I am confused and have Force XMP file creation ON.
But, if user reiterates thru the folder in any way (say - re adjust Custom WB) and then re-scroll thru the folder, then existing XMP files are not updated with changed custom WB.  This seems incorrect and illogical.

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
FRV Windows x64-DX9