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OK, so the problem not with style settings but with something else. You're the only user who complain to this problem (all problems are different if I can see crash log), so the problem source is something on your computer configration.

My own MacbookPro is very similar to yours (2.3Ghz/512G SSD versus yours 2.8/1Tb), FRV run OK under OS X 10.9 (I use most) and 10.10.3

According to crash report text, the system fails (refuses to work) in very deep OS X graphics internals and the cause of problem is out of range Alpha (transparency) channel. Also, it fails in button drawing (HIThemeDrawButton).

So could you please check:

  - if any 'interface enhancer' installed? may be non-default transparency for dialogs or something like this?

  - please check (and try to change) settings in System Preferences - Accessibility - Display (increase contrast/reduce transparency/display contrast). I was unable to broke FRV with this settigs, but may be you run some not standard  settings.

From our side, the only thing we can try for now (without any knowledge of problem source) is to 'change something and test'. I'll create custom FRV build for you with Qt 5.4 (instead of older and proven Qt 5.3 we use now). I'm very unsure that it will help, but we need a try.

May I contact you directly via E-mail from your profile on this forum with this (future) custom build?



Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team