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Hello Lexa,

Well, this is puzzling. I've checked all of the processes running on my Mac (using Activity Monitor and but there's nothing I can see that has any impact on the graphics system or alpha transparency. I have cleaned out my system extensions and tried disabling log-in items without success.

The only thing I run that could be described as an 'inteface enhancer' is the calibration software settings for my Eizo monitor (Color Navigator, verrsion which is the latest). It complains if I change the transparency settings in the Systems Prefernces (I know, I tried). In fact, disabling Color Navigator makes no difference.

Further exploration of FRV shows that it is only very specific dialogs that crash the program (the 'About' dialog and the "Software License" dialog). The final fatal errors in each case are the same, judging by the crash report.

Thank you for your offer to build a specific version for me. I'm not encouraged by your expectation that this will not work. So let's leave that aside for the moment.