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Great work on this beta.  Running on Win10 I did not find any significant issues.
One small enhancement to consider is adding the ability to toggle more actions:

  • rating (number/0) ie press 2 to set ** and press again to reset to no stars.  This should be optional as it may confuse some users.
  • label (color/none) ie press 6 for red and press 6 again for no label.  This should be optional as it may confuse some users.
  • zoom (fit/1:1)
  • filter (on/off)

The following actions do permit toggle, but the description in the keyboard editor does not indicate this:

  • "Show Overexposed areas" -> change to "Show/Hide Overexposed areas"
  • "Show Underexposed areas" -> change to "Show/Hide Underexposed areas"
  • "Fullscreen mode" -> "Toggle Fullscreen mode"

Program updates do not appear to recognize prior release keyboard customizations.  I know you can save them and then reload, but this should be automatic.
In the folders panel, folder names are being truncated even when the panel is wide enough to show the entire folder name.  This is probably by design, and is of no real consequence as the mouse over label shows the full name, but I thought I would mention it just in case it is not the intended behavior.
If you undock the filmstrip and orient it such that there are multiple rows of thumbnails, the next image function does not move from the end of one row to the start of the next.
Thanks for the sorting, filtering and the favourites!