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Dear Rory,

Thank you for your suggestions and bug reports.

Our comments:

 1) togglable actions.  This feature should require some internal 'memory' to store previous state. For example

 - image has 2-star rating

 - user press Alt-5 to set 5-stars. OK

 - user press Alt-5 again to... what? Reset to zero? Or reset to previous state (2 stars) ?

 -- and with some filter applied (e.g. show only 2-to-5 stars)? Reset to zero will hide current image from list.

Looks confusing to us, or are we missing something here?

2) Keyboard shortcuts descriptions: thank you for new wording, to be changed in next beta.

3) 'Program updates do not appear to recognize prior release keyboard customizations' - unable to reproduce on our side, will check in depth.

4) 'folder names are being truncated even when the panel is wide enough': yes, it works regardless of panel size. It can be turned off/on through 'gear' menu on Folders panel

5) 'the next image function does not move from the end of one row to the start of the next.' - to be fixed in next beta (already fixed in our internal builds)


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team