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1) Just tested with Lightroom: Labels are togglable, while ratings are not. This behaviour do not look 'consistent' (labels and ratings are just two very similar file attributes), will think more on it.

Zooming:  Lightroom behaviour do not looks consistent to me again (as in togglable rating/label case).  There are two 'unzoomed' magnifications (Fit and Fill) and two zoomed (1:1 and some other selected from pulldown list), Z key switches between two last used (e.g. Fit/8:1 or Fill/1:1). This, again, do not look consistent, because program (and user!) should remember which one was used last. Also, Lr remembers last zoom area (when mouse zoom was used) and 'Z' key zooms into it.

Again, need more thing on it. Most likely we'll implement simpler version of keyboard quick-zoom: configurable destination zoom ratio (to 'Z'-on) and return back to last remembered state. I do not think we'll do it in FRV 1.2.0 (it is near 'Release Candidate' state), may be in 1.2.1

3) Keyboard settings are stored in Windows Registry. Most likely, it will not survive Win7 to WIn10 upgrade.

4) We'll try to not shorten top level folder names (unless it surely fit in current panel size).


Alex Tutubalin/FastRawViewer team